About Us

BHARAT NIRMAN was set up in early 1980 and was registered as a charitable and public utility organization on 9th June, 1980.The main objective with which the society was set up was to revive all ancient Indian sciences and propagate Indian way of life, culture and development. In order to achieve this, BHARAT NIRMAN has taken up leads in the fields of yoga, meditation, ayurved & herbal cure, holistic healing, astrological and supra-normal sciences, spirituality culture heritage, rural development, social, economic and educational reforms, national integration and unity.

In other words, BHARAT NIRMAN takes up constructive activities in all walks of life which go to uplift and enrich Indian life. The mechanism is to organize conferences, seminars, lectures, camps, get-togethers and other program and to bring out publications on these subjects to create awareness amongst the masses; it also patronizes, support and encourages individuals and other organizations which are engaged in similar activities. For doing all this, it takes moral support from the Government and its various agencies but avoids financial assistance from the Government so that basically it remains a voluntary effort. It manages its activities through the resources of its office bearers, membership fees, advertisements, sponsorship and voluntary contributions.

BHARAT NIRMAN believes that an individual can make faster growth, if first he develops his own natural attributes and qualities and then imbibes those of others which can suitably be added to his own: so also in nation life, a nation can progress faster, if it first develops what is best in it and having done so, ads to its portfolio such other things which can be congestion for its further growth. India has base and potentialities in the fields of agriculture and agricultural products, crafts and rural industries, minerals, water resources, social energy, meditation, art, culture, heritage, spirituality etc; BHARAT NIRMAN propagates and promotes all those in the right earnest.