Article (Astrology for All)

It is seen that only nearly 20% of a man's life can be improved with the help of various predictive sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu Shastras, Signature Reading, and Aura Reading etc. In the process help of different Semi-Precious Stones, Puja, Yagnas, Mantras, Feng Shui items are taken.

Primarily, horoscope & the Palm should be kept as the base tounderstand the favorable and unfavorable time of the person depending upon the various planets, their degrees, positions and placement. It should also be kept in mind that no planet in itself is bad or good for a person's life. Planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars can even give positive results and planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, or Venus can even give negative results. Again planets in transit can even at times affect one's life to a certain level.More over to predict the happening or non-happening of an event in one's life, horoscope of all the family members should be analyzed and studied. Only if the time is favorable for maximum members of the family the result is positive otherwise not. For the simple reason that it would benefit all of them.

It is only after proper evaluation precious stones like Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Moon Stone, Emerald or White Sapphire should be used in the form of a ring that too on a right day, in the proper finger, and after proper puja. It should also be kept in mind that the weight of the stone is also very important and is different for different person. Corrections in the different 8 directions of the house viz: North, North-East, East, West, North-West, South, South-East and South-West, should be made to create a positive vibration all over the entire house. Use of different feng shui items like Laughing Buddha, Mirror, Pyramids etc; should also be incorporated in the house to energize the weak directions. Colors, Clothing and placement of Furniture should also be given a sincere thought accordingly. Puja, Yagnas and chanting of Mantras should also be undertaken at house and in the office place.

It is only then that after the combine steps undertaken all together,under the guidance of an authentic person that the result we get is according to what we desire and this is what we can call it as the correct use of the science.

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A father can give his child
The shelter and the food
The money and the riches
And all luxuries queued,
And yet the child's not happy
When his heart is closely viewed.

A father can give his child
His name and his fame
His hard earned prosperity
He lets his child claim
Deep down in the world of happiness
His child is yet so lame
A father can give his child
The highest education
A handsome personality
A bright feature's inclination
Yet has his child got
The total intimation?

A mother is dearest to child
There is not any other
A father may do anything
This, that or another
But a child loves his parents
To share and be together
So the best a father can do
Is to love his child's mother


Meditation for Women

In the present world meditation is considered a miracle. People who meditate are imagined to be different and special. It feels though meditation is not a part of our lives but some special kind of phenomenon. The fact is that meditation is a natural realm of life. It is not an element from outside but a complete way and style of living life. The living styles of meditating and non meditating persons would always differ. They cannot be the same. Let us accept meditation as a part of our living style, meditation changes the entire living cycle and system within us. Every woman changes. There is no woman in the world who doesn't change. Ladies with ortodox mentalities claim that they wouldn't change with the entire world changing. But even they have to change. A woman changes in two situations. One, when the circumstances force her to change and the other when her inner consciousness awakens. Changing with the awakening of consciousness is awakening naturally.

We live in a world consisting of all kinds of people who support violence, non-violence, love, hatred truth, untruthfulness, belief in god and non believers of god. Similar interests and attractions do not exist. There are innumerable thoughts, behaviours, interests and attractions which effect us. Living within and through these situations could be comprehendible to the person who lives them.

When we meditate a vital force awakens. This awakens the vital energy and force within us. This energy and power provides us with stability. In this state of mind all kinds of disturbances, distractions, problems, any kind of imbalancing objects are not able to destabilize us or imbalance us. Meditation concentrates our soul.

It stabilises and balances our soul. Meditation is a technique to eliminate darkness.

The world today is an extremely challenging one for the modern woman emotionally, psychologically physically, career wise and family wise. Meditation will prove to be a boon for them to strengthen their capabilities and power and enlighten the world with more and more successful, happy content and glorified women. - SANSKRITI BHANDARI

Five popular alternate therapies for better living:

Gem Therapy 

Gem Stones are a perennial source of specific rays which radiate from them for several years. People suffering from health problems or misfortunes can wear different gem stones to counter the malefic influence of certain planets in accordance with the birth charts.


Reiki is wonderfully helpful to overcome stress and a physical ailment as it is a method to collect and utilize an all pervasive pranik energy flowing in the atmosphere.

Magneto Therapy

Magnets can be very useful to revitalize body cells and influence various glands and their secretions, as iron is a main source of human body and as well a chief conductor of magnets.


Go for acupressure as it seeks to balance the vital energy and restore normal functioning of the body and mind besides stressing on the importance of proper diet in improving the quality and the quantity of energy.


Practice yoga for excellent results as it is the highest possible knowledge to remove obstacles of mind and body with techniques like yama, niyama and pranayama, removing impurities and strengthening one pointed ness.