Today we conceive a dream of seeing India emerge as a powerful and prosperous nation, but how? Will magic happen? Well, yes Magic is already happening. There are some ordinary Indians like us, who have gone beyond the realms of personal well-being and done extra ordinary things. They have come up to convert our big dream into reality. India is prospering in all fields with their efforts and moving towards total growth and enrichment. Here, we get these achievers together, to honor them and celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

In the garden of our country, India, flowering buds of hope & prosperities are gradually opening up. It gives the NGO immense pleasure to share with you all the witnessing of this blossoming, owing to generous and sincere efforts of some Talented Men & Ladies (who have contributed in making the country proud).

They are people whose performances have made us smile, whose concerns have warmed our hearts and whose services have even bought tears of joy to our eyes. So, come let's celebrate all the Super Achiever Awardees of Bharat Nirman, cheer and salute their talents.

Our sincere wishes to them all, for a wonderful path, ahead.

The world wants to be you!
Ravindr Bhandari