Conferences & Work Shops

In its short span of life, BHARAT NIRMAN has organized more than 150 conferences, seminars and camps on the aforesaid subjects, co-ordinated rural development work in over 500 villages, sponsored a film on rural development, established a dozen sister-organizations to fulfill its objectives, brought out more than 100 publications (full with rich material on different subjects), has set up annual awards to Talented Ladies/ Men, offered consultations to the Government on various development matters and has extended guidance and help to thousands of individuals in solving their problems. It has established contact with NRI's and has held four Conferences to involve them in India's development. It has also supported the monthly magazine "Mystic India, since 1995.

NRI Conferences

BHARAT NIRMAN has established contact with NRI's and has held, so far, 5 successful conferences, to involve them in India's development.

These included various important personalities who have participated from all quarters of the world. The conferences have been organized in resolving issues and matters, specifically as stated hereunder:

1. Problems of NRI's and their solution viz-a-viz government regulations

2. New Technologies and Development projects with them

3. Rural Development and Housing projects in coordination with them

4. Role of Financial Institutions and consultants

5. Promotion of Heritage of India and

6. Setting up of Bharat Nirman NRI Foundation in Delhi to look after NRI's interest in all fields on a regular basis

Our efforts and gestures in this regard were highly appreciated by political leaders like- late Sri. P.V.Narsimha Rao, Sri. S.B.Chauhan, Sri. Sarad Pawar, Sri. Ajit Kumar Panja, Sri. A. Sangma, Sri. S.Bangarappa, Sri. Bhajan Lal, Ms. Shabana Azmi, Sri. Ashok Gehlot, Sri. Salman Khurshid and many more.