Born in the cultural & literature rich land of Kolkata, Ravindr Bhandari is a true Aquarian, ahead of times, always working and initiating for good times ahead, for all. The natural instinct in him for the predictive, natural and ancient sciences was promoted in the presence of his father Late Mr. M.C.Bhandari (Founder, Promoter and Savior of the Ancient Indian Sciences-A legend in himself).

Mr. Ravindr Bhandari is a practicing Chartered Accountant as a partner in the firm M.C. Bhandari & Co with branches all over India. He has himself presided over more than 50 seminars, conferences & workshops (after the demise of Mr. M.C.Bhandari), edited more than 50 books on related subjects and organized the Mystic India exhibition with ITPO since 1998 (refurbishing it to 'Mystique World' during IITF with ITPO in 2005).

He dreams of an India rich in education, culture and heritage. His personality itself signifies a perfect amalgamation of the modern education system and the ancient possessions. He influences and enhances the world to be a part of his wondrous dream.