Past Activities of Bharat Nirman

In, BHARAT NIRMAN's activities, which are totally non-political, over 100 important personalities from all quarters have participated, eminent amongst whom are: Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Shri R.V.Venkataman, Late Giani Zail Singh, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Shri P.V.Naasimha Rao, Dr. Karan Singh, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai, H.H. Dalai Lama, Acarya Sri Tulsi, H.H. Kanchi Shankaracharya, Late Dr. Nagendra Singh, Smt. Amrita Pritam, Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, Dr. Lokesh Chandra, Amitabh Bachchan etc. Almost all learned scholars and experts in Indian sciences have been invited and honored by BHARAT NIRMAN from time to time.

  1. Spiritual Camp at Mt. Abu from 8th - 12th May, 80, Meditation with the Chief of Brahma Kumaris’ Ashram.
  2. Co-ordination and motivation for adoption of above 500 villages by business houses and other groups for Socio-Economic Development.
  3. Programs for Cultural and National Integration, "Saints of India", "Qoumi EktaDiwas", "Ras Leela",  Classical Dance Performances", Discourses in subjects like "Indian Art and Culture", "What is God?" etc.
  4. Sponsoring a film on Rural development- "Mere Sapno Ka Bharat".
  5. International Conference-"Roll of NRI's in India's Development" on 17th November, 1982.
  6. International Seminar on "Astrology" from 27th to 29th December, 1982.
  7. National Seminar on Rural Development on 21st and 22nd March 1983.
  8. Seminar on "Shrimad-Bhagwat-Gita - A Way of Life 5th to 7th May 1983.
  9. Seminar "National Health and Indigenous System of Cure" 20th to 22nd November, 1983.
  10. Conference "Daughters of India-Victim of Dowry" on 22nd Dec.1983.
  11. Preksha Dhyan Meditation for V.I.Ps 13th - 15th Jan.1984, (Rajasthan).
  12. International Seminar on " Para Vidya" on 21st and 22nd April, 1984.
  13. Seminar- National Integration entitled "Ekta-Ke-Swar" 29th July, 1984.
  14. A National Seminar on "Educational Reforms" on 25th August, 1984.
  15. Conference "Spiritual Renaissance"-19th to 21st January, 1985.
  16. Conference- "Meditation and Mental Peace" on 12th and 13th Jan. 1986.
  17. Conference- "Spiritual Unity for National Integration" Haridwar Kumbh Mela on 10th April, 1986.
  18. Seminar on "Drug-de-Addiction-Demand of the Day" on 21st Oct., 1987.
  19. Conference- "Role of Non-Residents in India's Development" 23rd to 26th January, 1987.
  20. International Conference on "Science & Religion" from 30th January to 1st February, 1988.
  21. Conference on "Role of Women in Nation-Building", 1988 and Awards for Talented Ladies on 10th September, 1988.
  22. International Conference on "Inner Realms of Mind" on 2nd April, 1989.
  23. Conference on "Panchayati Raj" on 5th July, 1989.
  24. Conference-"Herbal Science" from 30th Sep. to 2nd Oct. 1989.
  25. Conference on "Revival of Glory of Women" and 1989 Awards for Talented Ladies on 23rd December, 1989.
  26. Conference on "Life , Rebirth & Nirvana" on 5th August, 1989
  27. Conference on "Life after Life" 19th August, 1989.
  28. Conference on "Atrocities on Women" and 1990 Awards to Talented Ladies on 17th November, 1990.
  29. Conference-cum-Demonstration on "Nature Cure" on 23rd Nov. 1990.
  30. Setting up Astrological Research Bureau.
  31. Interfaith Conference & Sant Vani Programme on 19th January, 1991.
  32. 2nd National Conference-"Herbal Science" on 27th & 28th January, 1991.
  33. Conference on "Mani (Gems) & Mantras" on 20th April, 1991.
  34. Conference-III "Role of NRI's in India's Development"-21st-22nd September, 1991.
  35. Conference on "Role of Women in the Reconstruction of Society" and 1991 Awards to Talented Ladies on 20th November, 1991.
  36. Conference on "Right Perception of Tantra" on 1st and February, 1992.
  37. Conference-"Alternate Predictive Sciences" on 29th and 30th Aug. 1992.
  38. Conference on "Role of Women in Social Awareness" and 1992 Awards to Talented Ladies on 30th Nov. 1992.
  39. Conference on "Scientific Enquiry into Phenomenon of Reincarnation" with Max Mueller Bhavan, on 5th December, 1992.
  40. National Conference on "Holistic Healing" with Max Mueller Bhavan, from 5th to 7th April, 1993.
  41. Conference on "Crimes against Women" on 6th August, 1993.
  42. Conference on "Role of Women in National Integration" and 1993 Awards to Talented Ladies on 20th November, 1993 in Delhi.
  43. Public Camp. On "Yoga & Meditation" from 3rd to 5th December, 1993, at AdhyatmaSadhana Kendra, Mehrauli.
  44. Conference on "Futurology & Astrology" from 24th to 26th Dec,'93.
  45. Talented Ladies Award on 15th January,94 in Calcutta
  46. Talented Ladies Award on 31st January,'94 in Mumbai.
  47. Symposium on "Presidential Form & Smaller States for Quicker Progress" on 27th April, 1994.
  48. Mela on Indian Ancient Sciences: 9th to 11th October, 1994.
  49.  Conference on Astrology and Prachya Vidya with Geeta Sammelan, at Kanpur , on the 11th and 12th February, 1995.
  50.  Conference on Alternate Therapies with COSHMEHRA, Bombay 17th to 19th Feb,'95.
  51.  Conference on "Challenges for Women in the 21st Century" and Awards for Talented Ladies in Delhi (1994) on 20th December.
  52.  Talented Ladies Award Bombay on 28th January, 1995
  53.  Talented Ladies Award in Calcutta on 4th March, 1995.
  54.  Talented Ladies Award in Calcutta on 4th March, 1995.
  55.  Symposium on "Presidential Form of Government and other Alternatives" in Delhi on 28th May, 1995.
  56.  Talk by H.H. Swami Niranjananandaji on "Pranayam and Yogic Healing" on 8th October, 1995.
  57.  Conference on "Indian Ancient Sciences-II" from 1st to 3rd Nov. 1995.
  58.  Conference on "Role of Women in Promoting Indian Way of Life" and Awards for Talented Ladies in Delhi (1995) on 19th January, 1996.
  59.  Symposium on "Ancient Wisdom and Indian Way of Life" on 20th January, 1996.
  60.  Conference on "Gandhian Economics- A Way of Life"- 21st Jan. 1996.
  61.  Mystique India Exhibition and 4th NRI Conference from 13th Sep. 1996.
  62.  Debate on "The Country Needs a Change" on 22nd November, 1996.
  63.  Conference on "Role of Women in Social Awakening" and Awards for Talented Ladies in Delhi (1996) on 16th December, 1996.
  64.  Astrological Conference in Geeta Mela at Kanpur on 17th & 18th February, 1997.
  65.  Conference on Holistic Healing in Delhi in May, 1997
  66.  Conference on Holistic Healing on 11th May, 1997 in Calcutta .
  67.  Mystique India Exhibition 20th to 26th October, 1997.
  68.  Conference on "Role of Women in Good Governance" and Awards to Talented Ladies,Delhi on 19th December, 1997.
  69.  Astrological Conference on the New Government and Future of India on 7th March, 1998.
  70.  Bharat Nirman Awards for Talented Ladies, Calcutta on 15th April, 1998.
  71.  Conference on Astrological and Holistic remedies for various diseases 23.8.98 atNew Delhi .
  72.  Mystique India Exhibition, New Delhi 7th to 15th Oct.'98.
  73.  Talented Ladies Award, Calcutta , on 15th April, 1999.
  74.  Talented Ladies Award. New Delhi , on 16th June, 1999.
  75.  Conference on Holistic Healing and Alternate Therapies and Presentation of M.C. Bhandari Memorial Award 28.8.99
  76.  Mystique India Exhibition-99, on 8th-12th October, at New Delhi
  77.  Talented Ladies Award-99, Mumbai, on 28th Nov.
  78.  Talented Ladies Award, New Delhi on 14th March, 2000.
  79.  Talented Ladies Award, Calcutta on 14th April, 2000.
  80.  Conference on 'Scientific aspects of Astrology and other predictive Sciences' and presentation of M.C. Bhandari memorial Award on 27-8-00.
  81.  National Conference on the Indian Wisdom - A better way of living, 19th November, 2000, New Delhi .
  82.  Talented Ladies Award 2001, New Delhi .
  83.  Talented Ladies Award 2001, Calcutta .
  84.  M.C. Bhandari Memorial Award, 2001, New Delhi
  85.  Astrology & Vaastu for all - The Solution, 2001, New Delhi
  86.  Talented Ladies Award 2002, New Delhi .
  87.  Talented Ladies Award 2002, Calcutta .
  88.  M.C. Bhandari Memorial Award, 2002 on 28.08.2002
  89.  Corporate Astrology & Vaastu - 2002 on 19.11.2002.
  90.  Talented Ladies Awards -2003, New Delhi
  91.  Talented Ladies Awards -2003, Kolkata
  92.  M.C. Bhandari Memorial Award -2003, New Delhi
  93.  Bhaskar Awards-2003, New Delhi
  94.  Talented Ladies Awards -2004, New Delhi
  95.  Talented Ladies Awards -2004, Kolkata
  96.  M.C. Bhandari Memorial Award -2004, New Delhi
  97.  Bhaskar Awards-2004, New Delhi
  98.  Talented Ladies Awards -2005, New Delhi
  99.  Mystique World Exhibition, IITF-2005, New Delhi
  100. Mystique World Exhibition, IITF-2006, New Delhi
  101. Bhaskar Award/Talented Ladies Award 2007 in New Delhi
  102. Mystique World/Bharat Nirman Award in, 2007, Jaipur.
  103. Bharat Nirman Awards, 2008, at SiriFort Auditorium, New Delhi .
  104. Bharat Nirman Awards, 2009, at SiriFort Auditorium, New Delhi .